You can't rely on other people to make you happy

My name is Imelda Hernandez I go to Granada high school and I blog things that inspire me or catches my attention

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I think it’s important I stay connected to every part of my personality. I play basketball. I rock climb. I paint. I’m a little bit scattered, but it’s so I can convincingly play all these characters.

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Actually the very first time I got down on one knee.

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What did you all enjoy doing in your downtime? Like, what Chicago activities or places did you all enjoy?

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A gust of air presses against my left side, throwing my body weight to the right. I gasp and cling to the rungs, my balance shifting. Four’s cold hand clamps around one of my hips, one of his fingers finding a strip of bare skin just under the hem of my T-shirt. He squeezes, steadying me and pushing me gently to the left, restoring my balance.

Now I can’t breathe. I pause, staring at my hands, my mouth dry. I feel the ghost of where his hand was, his fingers long and narrow.

"You okay?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," I say, my voice strained.

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Theo James + laughing

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make me choose between two things meme:
 made me choose between: claire holt or candice accola
"It’s always weird when you see a movie, and there’s no reason for someone to, like, jump on stage and be a singer, and then they just do that… But if it came organically, I would grab that mike and jump on stage for sure."

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